Introducing the NEW Gexa Energy Optimizer Service

Save almost $200 a year on energy costs*
  • Save up to 23% on HVAC energy costs**
  • Get pre-programmed smart thermostats
  • Professional installation included
Simply add Energy Optimizer Service to your electricity plan during enrollment.

Saving money is a snap with the new
Gexa Energy Optimizer Service.

The Gexa Energy Optimizer Service takes the guesswork out of reducing your home energy use, making it easy for you to save.

The energy-saving smart thermostats we provide help you save money by regulating your home’s temperature based on a pre-programmed schedule designed for energy efficiency and comfort. They’ll be set to save you as much energy as possible when you’re away from home and will adjust to your comfort level before you return.

Sign up and we'll install these thermostats for no upfront cost, and charge you only a low monthly fee. Then use the convenient Gexa Mobile App to control your home climate with just a few taps. Easy.

Add the service to your Gexa 100% green electricity plan and you could save money on your bill, while spending more time on the things you love.

Sign up for the Gexa Energy Optimizer Service today.

Save Money
Save Time
Save Energy
Low Monthly Fee & No Up-Front Cost Get 1 smart thermostat for

Get 2 smart thermostats for

Energy Optimizer Service fee will appear on
your monthly electricity bill.

Save up to 23% on HVAC energy costs**

The new Gexa Energy Optimizer Service could save you almost
$200/year* on your heating and cooling costs.


Get pre-programmed smart thermostats with professional installation included

The Emerson Sensi™ Touch is perfect for the Gexa Energy Optimizer Service. It comes pre-programmed to save you energy automatically, and it also allows you to control the temperature anywhere and anytime on your smartphone with the Gexa Mobile App. It’s the highest-rated and easiest-to-use smart thermostat on the market.

  • ENERGY STAR®-certified
  • Wi-Fi-enabled
  • Intuitive touchscreen display
  • Works with Alexa and Google voice
  • Ranked highest by J.D. Power for ease of use
  • Named the ‘Best Overall’ smart thermostats by USA Today’s
  • Voted Readers’ Choice BEST SMART THERMOSTAT by PC Mag
Emerson has been an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for two years in a row. What’s more, one in five U.S. homes uses an Emerson thermostat to save energy—and save money on their electricity bill. Now you can, too.

Control from Anywhere:
Easily adjust your home’s temperature and comfort settings anytime, anywhere with the Energy Optimizer mobile app.

Energy Optimization:
Your thermostat will automatically adjust during times of high demand, helping you manage your energy use. However, you’re always in control and can manually adjust your thermostat at any time.

Get big energy savings—without the guesswork

Sign up for the Gexa Energy Optimizer Service today.


Who is Gexa Energy?

Gexa Energy is one of the fastest growing retail electricity providers in the U.S. and has served residential and commercial customers in Texas since 2002.

Gexa Energy is proud to be a wholly owned subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, one of the largest wholesale generators of electric power in the U.S. and an industry leader through its focus on clean and renewable energy.

Questions? See service FAQs for more information.

Sign up for the Gexa Energy Optimizer Service today. Simply add to your electricity plan during online enrollment. Or, call 855-639-8175 and mention promo code EO1.

Customers with single family homes and central HVAC in participating service territories are eligible. Active Wi-Fi network and smart phone (Android or iOS) required.

Allow up to 4-8 weeks for delivery and installation of Emerson SensiTM Touch Wi-Fi smart thermostats.

Gexa is not affiliated with and makes no warranties with respect to Sensi. Emerson, Sensi and related marks and logos are trademarks of Emerson, Inc. Other product names are trademarks or property of their respective companies.

Energy Optimizer Cost Recovery Fee will be applied if customer cancels subscription service or if they are delinquent in payments. The Energy Optimizer Cost Recovery Fee is calculated as the number of months remaining in contract multiplied by the monthly fee.

Cancelling the subscription service will not impact customers’ Gexa Energy electricity plan; Gexa Energy electricity plan will not be disconnected for non-payment of Energy Optimizer subscription plan.

Enrollment in Energy Optimizer service will be contingent on successful enrollment in electricity plan for new customers. If customer switches away from their Gexa Energy Electricity plan to another REP, the Energy Optimizer subscription service will continue (customer will continue to receive monthly invoice from Gexa for only the Subscription service).

If customer swaps to another Gexa Energy plan, their Energy Optimizer service will continue, and the monthly service fee will continue to appear on their monthly bills.

If a customer moves to a new service address the Energy Optimizer service will be cancelled and the customer will be charged the Energy Optimizer Cost Recovery Fee.

*Across the Gexa Energy customer base, Gexa Energy estimates that the average customer will save $194.04. The Energy Savings Calculation is an estimate of potential energy usage savings based on parameters, conditions and assumptions provided to Sensi by Gexa Energy. This calculation is only an estimate and the results presented may not reflect the actual savings. Energy savings are calculated by comparing operation time for a nationwide sample of Sensi users with temperature adjustments averaging 4° in comparison to users with no adjustments. This number is based almost exclusively on Sensi usage patterns from residential buildings and has not be widely tested in non-residential settings. Use of Sensi in a non-residential setting may find higher or lower average savings based on the numerous differences in residential and non-residential settings. These differences include but are not limited to: an increased number of occupants; occupancy times; number of systems; regular maintenance of HVAC equipment; existence of significant internal heat loads, such as kitchens, and differing levels of tonnage, efficiency, and monthly energy bills. Actual savings vary based on the size and frequency of temperature adjustment, as well as occupancy, climate, housing characteristics, heating and cooling equipment, condition of equipment, home insulation, energy provider, energy usage, and other factors.

**By adjusting the temperature using flexible scheduling, remote access, and geofencing, Sensi customers saved about 23% on HVAC energy usage.

Your thermostat temperature may be remotely adjusted temporarily by Gexa during peak periods to optimize your energy usage and help reduce strain on the electricity grid. The adjustment would be temporary, and your thermostat’s settings will be returned to normal. At any time, you may override this adjustment using your app or thermostat.

Gexa purchases renewable energy certificates from wind and solar generation to match 100% of your electricity usage